Don’t Quit When You Need It The Most

  My daughter has a countdown to Christmas ornament that she activated a couple weeks ago. As of today there are 43 days, blah blah hours, blah blah blah minutes and blah blah blah seconds to Christmas. Between now and then and for a good week after we will experience high stress, over indulgence, holiday … Continue reading

Oh Man! That Looks Like Some S & M Type Stuff

I’ve been spouting off about Pilates and Barre quite a bit. I can’t help it. The transformation of my body (& booty), my “happy” quotient, my healthy auto-immune condition is worth spouting off about. I’ve blogged, commented on FB, chatted people up, invited just about everyone to come with me to The Studio. Then one … Continue reading

BE a Teaser

  Its probably the most perfect example of the benefits of Pilates. It requires “effortless effort,” breath connection, strength, energy all working together in graceful movement. Mat, Long Box, or the Chair the benefits are great. The ultimate goal is to be able to literally “float up” No grunting, moaning or visible exertion of effort. … Continue reading

What’s Your Pain

What’s Your PAIN? Injury? Post Op? Stress? Recovery -Cancer, Stroke? Chronic Pain? Auto Immune? Emotional Pain? Mine is an auto – immune disease.  Ulcerative Colitis. It’s a gastrointestinal thing. It’s painful. Sometimes unbearably painful. Triggered by stress, by distress, by overwhelm. There is no cure, only treatment. Like all auto-immune diseases it’s controllable, manageable to a … Continue reading