Obama’s Pilates Enhanced Date Night

studio be pilates fairfax

Michelle, who is fitter now at 47 than ever before says “It was all about Pilates”.

“The President and I work out every day,” Obama has repeated over and over again.

Early morning routines for these two lovebirds include PILATES, CARDIO & WEIGHTS.

The 6’1″ Michelle adds: “I think the President serves as a good role model because as busy as he is, he exercises every day. It’s a part of what keeps him going.  You do get to a point where exercise becomes something that you need, like water, and we encourage all of our staff to make time to exercise.

Obama, who in Feb. 2010 launched the Let’s Move Campaign to fight childhood obesity, says exercise is crucial for emotional health.  Michelle, who says she’s fitter now at 47 than ever before, has learned that happiness is tied to health.

studio be pilates fairfax

“Good health is: multi-faceted,” she says. “It’s physical, it’s internal, it’s my diet, and my emotional state. It’s all tied together.”

Recently  President Obama and his wife, Michelle, ate their date night meal at the classy Blue Hill restaurant.  Most of the other patrons at the eatery tried not to stare.

“He was amazing,”Blue Hill patron  Susan Korchak  said.   “It was great.   “She was very tall – statuesque and gorgeous.”   The president’s eyes were locked on his beautiful wife throughout the date night.”  “I told her, ‘All politics aside, you look amazing,’ she recalled. “She said it was all about Pilates.”

Engage your core like never before. We invite you to incorporate Pilates into your training workout and find some reason to give your love some Pilates training by one of our certified Pilates Instructors here at Studio Be in Fairfax.   At the end of your date night your squeeze will never feel so good.

studio be pilates fairfax

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