Your Fairfax Pilates Studio asks: Do you Hate the Gym?

fairfax pilates studio

'no pain, no gain.... 🙂 '

You don’t often hear someone going around shouting about how wonderful they feel after a grueling, sweating, heart pounding 45 minutes of physical torture. Yet, those “no pain, no gain” workouts are the most widely sought after and performed exercise of any. Let us clarify that “widely sought after exercise,” in perspective, means that the majority of the 50% of our population that is less than sedentary, seeks gym memberships, group fitness and weight training, compared to a mere 15% that choose Pilates. The lack of joy relating to exercise helps to make sense of the fact that only 20% of paid gym memberships get used. Your Fairfax Pilates Studio has to ask why more people aren’t doing Pilates when it gets the most rave reviews of any form of exercise we’ve ever witnessed.

These notions confound us. On one hand there is an amazingly powerful workout that can change your body and leave you feeling wonderful. On the other hand is a room full of sweaty bodies and machines and heavy weights that leave you aching and struggling to move normally for a few days afterward. Everyone who we’ve known who has done Pilates wants nothing more than to do it more often. Clients show up consistently and continually for years to their Pilates lessons or classes. We’ve heard countless complaints about going to the gym, (of course there are people who love it, we’re not trying to over generalize) and the statistics show that only 80% of the people who’ve paid DON’T even bother showing up. We can certainly think of much better things to do with our money. How about you?

There are two answers to this conundrum. One is that we get real with ourselves and accept what we are actually going to commit to instead of forcing ourselves into a routine that doesn’t fit our needs, wants, and lifestyle. If you hate being in pain, why force yourself to make pain a major part of your healthy lifestyle? That seems to contradict itself anyway. If you know you won’t get up and go to the gym on your own, or won’t stop after work when you’re already tired, stop paying for the membership.

Second, Pilates needs to overcome some of the stigma associated with it.

One is the price tag.  In one respect we think gyms create a false concept of how much it costs to maintain our health. They make their money off of sheer numbers, not off of actual bodies. They don’t have to staff the facility with knowledgeable people who help you reach your goals; you’ve signed up to do that yourself. If that is for you, great, but as we said earlier, it doesn’t work for 80% of the people who pay for memberships. A Pilates studio’s expenses are related to wages and equipment, and they’re astronomical – and unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of great options to reduce them, but fortunately, they’re absolutely worth it.

fairfax pilates studio

pilates is a strength building work-out

Pilates is also ripe with misperceptions. Some think it is just stretching. Some think it is just for women. Some think it is just for dancers. Many think it is just like yoga. While it is all of these things, it is not exclusively any one of these things. Put simply, Pilates is a strength building workout. You will strengthen every single muscle in your body, and with a skilled instructor you will strengthen them in such a balanced way that everything begins to ache less and you feel better all over. Any specific issues related to work, or your daily patterns can be combated with Pilates, reducing the severity of any chronic movement issues you have.  You can get very strong from head to toe, you can lean and tone your muscles and have better posture. Experiencing a severe pain or injury, or just other limitations that keep you unable to perform other exercise, Pilates is customized for every single person, so if you are craving some movement but think you can’t do exercise, come to your Fairfax Pilates studio. We will create a program that will work for your current state.

Lastly, we want to say, “believe the hype.”  Because it really isn’t hype. We see it every day with every single client that steps through our door. They stand taller, hurt less, slim down, tone up, and overall get to enjoy more of their regular activities with less distraction from aches and pains. You will too.

fairfax pilates studio

believe the hype!

fairfax pilates studio

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