Pilates is the Choice of the Rich and Famous

“I do yoga and Pilates
And the room is full of hotties
So I’m checking out the bodies
And you know I’m satisfied”

Keeping the Body in Award Winning Shape

If a Grammy-winning artist is singing about it, you know it’s the thing to do……

Brittany Spears is one of the many famous women who swear by pilates to keep their bodies in prime condition.  Brittany’s been relying on pilates for many years.  Shortly after the pregnancy of her first son, she was featured on the cover of People Magazine and she told the interviewer she worked out by doing cardio, Pilates, yoga and weights, in addition to going for long walks with her baby.

And Brittany’s not alone.  Oprah sings unsolicited praise for the results she gets and has featured Pilates several times on her show. We’ve heard for years about Madonna and her amazing work-out routines.  Well, guess what?

The Material Girl visits a private gym near her London home every day for a grueling Pilates training session, and she loves working up a sweat to Brittany Spears’ music. Madonna has hailed London-based Pilates guru JAMES D’SILVA as a “genius” for the results she gets.

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Madonna attributes her body to a combination of pilates and aerobic exercise

Gloria Estefan joined the growing population about a year ago.  In an interview with Prevention Magazine she was asked : 

Q: Who talked you into starting Pilates? 

A: It was actually my doctor. He just said, “Listen, I’m telling everybody to do Pilates.”

Then, I saw my assistant of three years when I came back from a vacation, and her body was completely different! Her body just got tighter. And she told me she had been doing Pilates. If you start it, you see changes right away. I started Pilates about a year ago. Because of my back injury almost 17 years ago, my core is crucial. Pilates stresses that and keeps everything aligned. It’s not a strain, and it concentrates on the smaller muscles. I haven’t stopped my other workouts, but this has been a great addition.

studio be pilates fairfax

Gloria Estefan says Pilates has changed her body

Q: What were the biggest changes you saw?

 A: That my waistline was getting trimmer, and my posture was incredibly better. I’ve had horrible posture ever since I was ten years old since my boobs grew in too quickly, so I started hunching over at that age. After my accident I had to work hard to keep my shoulders back. Pilates has opened up my whole chest area. (Source: Prevention Magazine)

Gloria Estefan recently told Prevention magazine that she credits Pilates with helping her get in the best shape of her life, and for helping her recover from a devastating back injury

 Getting a star-body back after Pregnancy

Mega stars  Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford, Sarah Jessica Parker and Demi Moore practiced Pilates before, during and after their late pregnancies to keep their beautiful boomer bodies looking and feeling great.

In the early to mid-1990s, Cindy Crawford was earning an estimated $7 million a year, had been voted into the upper echelons of numerous ‘sexiest’ lists and was a household face thanks to her multi-million dollar deals with ABC, MTV, Revlon cosmetics, Pepsi and Blockbuster Video. In 1998 she wed night club owner Rande Gerber and has since had a baby daughter, Kaya Jordan Gerber.

Today, Cindy Crawford leads a much less hectic life, spending her time in New York and Los Angeles with her family. “I’m actually happier with my body now than I was back then, because the body I have now is the body I’ve worked for.” She works at it with a daily two-hour routine of Pilates, cardio work and yoga.

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"My advice to men around the world… make up any excuse to give your better-half Pilates training from a certified Pilates teacher who knows…you will never regret it. "

Stars that Exercise Together Look Great Together

The Smokn’ hot group of friends that made up one of television’s most famous series made their big-screen debut a few years ago. After a couple of years’ hiatus, they needed a little help getting back into shape.

How did they maintain those incredible bodies? The Sex and the City Friends added Pilates into their exercise and diet routines – just like other rich and famous people in the know.

They followed a comprehensive diet, changed up their exercise routines and incorporated Pilates into their workouts. Kim Cattrall said her secret weapon when it comes to her long, youthful limbs is Pilates – something she credits with not only keeping her trim but also improving her posture, sex drive and helping her sleep.

Sarah Jessica Parker goes running and practices Pilates and yoga to stay in shape – along with running around New York City and having a five-year-old!

studio be pilates fairfax

Pilates Enthusiast, Sarah Jessica Parker

Discover why Pilates is the exercise of choice, of people in the know, and how you can enhance your life by enjoying the benefits of this amazing Mind Body Fitness Workout – the great news is:  You don’t have to be a celebrity to practice Pilates or to experience the Amazing results!!

studio be pilates fairfax

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