Doritos are for girls

I’m wondering how many of saw this commercial during the Super Bowl:

I’m wondering how many of us will still eat Doritos after watching this commercial during the Super Bowl….

Okay – I’m just kidding about that last part, but, c’mon…how long are we going to go on about men and pilates?  How many professional athletes do we have to show on the reformer doing a teaser….how many amazing transformations do we have to show of men who have taken up this incredible training?

Pilates has reached every sport out there – Golf, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis….and, yes, Football! Over the past years, we’ve seen quite a run of celebrity athletes using Pilates – even in the Olympic Games. From what I’ve read, what all the super athletes, including the football players report about Pilates, is that they love the combination of core strength and flexibility that Pilates gives them.

pilates for men

“Pilates has greatly increased my core strength and my overall flexibility. I’m more agile than I was before and that’s a big deal in my line of work. It has definitely become a crucial part of my training program.” Chris Simms NFL Quarterback

Pilates is not brand new to football. So many NFL players, including Ruben Brown of the Chicago Bears, Al Wallace of the Carolina Panthers, and many of the New York Giants have adopted Pilates as part of their conditioning programs.

Several years ago, an experiment was run to see if Pilates could help an NCAA Division II squad that was coming off a disappointing and injury-plagued year. The results were fewer injuries, increased agility, and the team’s first conference title in more than 40 years.

 pilates for men

The first positive results showed up before the season even started as less injuries were seen during preseason camp. In 2004, there were 79 injuries with 156 days lost. Of the 79 injuries, 28 were muscle strains and five were to the lower back. During the 2005 preseason camp, there were 66 injuries accounting for 86 lost practice days, which included 15 muscle strains and only two back injuries. Although this computes to only a 17 percent drop in injuries, there was a 46.5 percent decrease in the number of muscle strains and a 45 percent decrease in the number of days lost.

The results apparently transferred to the field as well. The team went 8-2 for the season, and 5-1 in the Western Division of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference, earning a share of the league title. It was Cal’s first football championship since 1984, and its best winning percentage since 1960. Plus, the squad showed endurance it lacked the previous year, winning its final five contests.

yeah….that sounds pretty girlie to me.

pilates for men

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