More Priceless Than the Perfect Teaser

“The acquirement and enjoyment of physical well-being, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors, if there be any such fortunate living among us today.” — Joseph Pilates


I love Joe’s appreciation for balance; that life isn’t just about doing the perfect Teaser. I read this quote today and pondered over the idea of “mental calm”…..problem is, I’ve been very aware lately of the endless “mind clutter” that seems to have interrupted my own sense of balance. (and  i will continue to perfect my teaser until the tease has left my body )   I almost feel like a broken record because, once again, I’ve stacked far too much on my plate so that there hasn’t been enough time to re-surface and take care of my physical well-being and spiritual peace.  You know how that feels?

I went for a long overdue massage today and found my mind spinning during the whole 80 minutes – unable to turn off my thoughts, breath deeply, relax, and feel the gift I was giving myself.

I know far too well how easy it is to slip into what I call “survival mode”; when you lose yourself to work, routine, driving back and forth from here to there, and forget about the importance of play. But there’s so much more to life.  There’s so much out there to enjoy!


The idea is that when you take time out for yourself, you have much greater joy in life. Relationships thrive, you’re more creative, inspired, driven, focused and light-hearted.  A smile even feels more genuine.  Not to mention, you’re a better wife, friend, dog-owner, business-owner, manager, mother etc. It might not happen the first time around – like today’s massage for me – you need to continue to take time for yourself every day, every week, every month….well, that’s my story, and i’m sticking to it.

And, from an even wiser source – perhaps if we give it a try, we’ll be among the ‘fortunate’ that  Mr. Pilates spoke of….BALANCE.


Suite 215 | 4211 Fairfax Corner East Ave., Fairfax, VA 22030 | Phone: 703-222-0122

3 thoughts on “More Priceless Than the Perfect Teaser

  1. Hi there, I found your web site via Google whilst searching for a related matter, your web site came up, it seems good. I’ve added to my favourites|added to bookmarks.

  2. Hi there, I’ve been to the studio at Fairfax Corner many times to sign up only to find the door locked everytime… Maybe i’m going at the wrong times, a few times there have been classes going on… HELP

    • hi jennifer. i’m sorry you’re having trouble! the door should never be locked when there are classes going on, so i’m not sure why that is happening, but if you call the studio at 703 222 0122 you can sign up for a class, or even easier, if you go on line to the website and go to the classes tab, you’ll be able to sign up for classes there. please let me know if you have any more problems!

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