Oh, my Aching Back!!

Approximately six months ago, my husband turned me on to a new career path: ‘professional’ blogger.

pilates for back pain

As you can see, I was very
excited when I got my blogging
diploma 🙂

Yeah, okay – I guess my title is really Social Media Director, so it’s more involved than that, but blogging is certainly a big part of what I do.  Every day you’ll find me on my computer for 8 – 10 hours, updating websites, twitter, facebook pages, and everything else along those social media lines, but more importantly, I’m blogging for a handful of gigs – Studio Be being a big one of them.  It keeps me extremely busy – almost as busy as taking care of two teenage boys – but I thank my husband every day because I truly love it.  The only thing that has come along with it that I don’t love so much, is a newfound back pain that I wake up with every morning and live with all day long.

Maybe it’s unfair that I’m blaming it on the fact that I sit at the computer all day long, but since I never had this problem before I started doing this, I have to think there’s some correlation – plus the fact that I haven’t been as regular with my pilates sessions in the last six months – I give two strikes to my blogging career.

Why bring pilates into the subject?  Well, first and foremost, this is a blog about pilates, so you can only expect that it’s going to come up at some point, but more importantly, it’s a known fact that pilates is believed to be one of the best exercise cures for back problems.  (ah – it’s all becoming clear….)

One of the most common reasons behind back pain is poor posture. I can safely say I don’t look like any of those guys when I’m working, but I do have a funny cross-legged thing I do with my legs when I sit, that I know can’t be good. Pilates can help rectify poor posture and aid in treatment of sciatica and different kinds of back pain. The thing is, you have got to be very regular with your Pilates sessions in order for you to see the numerous benefits – it won’t work for you if you only indulge into it occasionally.

In Pilates, you are required to concentrate on how your body parts are aligned with each other. You learn how to use your muscles in a uniform way so that there’s no needless stress on any specific body part, including the spine. You increase your core strength which helps avoid sciatica. Pilates can also aid you in improving your suppleness and enhance your back welfare.

So, if you actually needed another reason to think about taking Pilates – getting rid of back pain, improving your core strength and improving your posture is one of them. ( okay – that’s actually three! )

Coincidentally, I had a dentist appointment the other day.  My dentist is amazing. She has reclining massage chairs and TVs on the ceiling.  So I sat getting a couple cavities filled for an hour, while getting this incredible massage. Ever since then, my back has been feeling really good….. I don’t know though.  If I weigh my two options, I think I’m going to pick a couple of pilates classes over weekly cavity fillings hands down.

pilates for back pain

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