It’s just another Manic Monday

As I sit here in my very quiet house, just a pair of shorts in the dryer making a bit of noise as they circulate around, my mind is anything but quiet or serene. It is moving in 100 different directions thinking about everything I need to get done this week – in the next few days – today – before my kids get home from school – in the next 1/2 hour – now….!

pilates mat class

Monday. It’s love/hate for me.  Sometimes it’s crazy busy, or daunting if it starts a very full week ahead. It can also be the day I feel like I have to workout the hardest to erase a weekend of not working out the hardest.

Studies show Monday’s are one of the busiest days at the gym. It’s hard to find an empty cardio machine. For me doing a cardio workout can sometimes get tedious when my mind is this full. I check out and then realize that while I was day dreaming I wasn’t really working out. It’s better to do a shorter focused workout than a long disconnected one.

Maybe your Mondays can be like this too? Maybe it’s time for a change? Instead of running, walking or pounding it out on the elliptical, alone and distracted, hop into a mat class or schedule yourself a Pilates session. You might think you don’t have the time, or cardio is what you need, but really spending 55min focusing on just you and your body will give you amazing benefits.

pilates mat class

So go grab your mat and start your hundreds! It’s time to start the week thinking only of you. 🙂

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