The thermometer outside my window shows  – YIKES! – 10 degrees. Winter has arrived, and it’s holding no prisoners. So, I’m just wondering….










When we hear your kind remarks and read your wonderful reviews of your experiences at Studio Be, it warms our hearts. Now, we’d like to return the favor, by warming your tootsies.

When you take a few minutes out of your day by sharing your words on our review sites it means the world to us because word of mouth is the best form of advertising we can ask for. So, for the first 50 people who write a review on our GOOGLE or YELP review sites, from now until February 15th, we’d like to offer a free pair of Toe Sox or Shashi grip sox just to say thanks…it’s that easy! Just click on a link below to get started:

I’d like to post a review on YELP

I’d like to post a review on Google

Again, thank you for being loyal clients and wonderful friends. You are what make our studio the amazing place that it is. And don’t worry….we’re pretty sure summer will be coming along one of these days….

studio be barre class

Suite 215 | 4211 Fairfax Corner East Ave., Fairfax, VA 22030 | Phone: 703-222-0122


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