Pants on the Ground

I was on-line today, and I came across this quote:

‘Stomach Massage is anything but a “massage”.  This exercise is an advanced way of doing a posture series of Short Box on the Reformer.  Find your rhythm and work your deep abs in this intense series.’

Wow – really…. not a massage? Cause I always have such a great time doing it, I usually cancel my appointment at Red Door, finding a massage completely unnecessary anymore. Sorry to be so sarcastic, but those of you who know me know that I could never let that comment go – especially being the founding member of the ‘I Hate Stomach Massage’ Club.

So why talk about something that I dislike so much? Well today at Studio Be, there was magic in the air. For the first time ever, while doing the series, I DID NOT lose my pants!!! And I didn’t even realize it ’til it was all over. And then I remembered what Carla, my instructor, always says about the stomach massage: ‘You’ll know you’re doing it right when your pants stay up.’  ( she’s generally more profound than that, but this is the quote that’s appropriate for the situation right now )

Maybe I actually achieved the goal of the stomach massage today – I cleansed my internal organs, stretched my back, strengthened my abs and legs, and improved my posture. I took a mini-vacation from my ‘thinking mind’ and went to visit my ‘feeling body’ for a bit, thus creating a fusion of mind and body!!!

I think it’s time to shut down membership of the ‘I Hate Stomach Massage’ Club….. now if I can only figure out how to shorten the name of the ‘I Really Don’t Enjoy Swan on the Chair’ Club, I’ll be all set.


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