This is No April Fool’s Joke

We love our Studio Be clients….Apparently, the feeling’s mutual:

studio be pilates testimonial

For several years I was being monitored after a diagnosis of osteopenia, which seemed to be getting worse, or certainly not getting better, as reflected on each bone density test, in spite of my taking extra vitamin D and calcium. I also had some osteoarthritis in my fingers and especially in my toes, which made it impossible for me to wear the shoes (heels) that I had worn for years. The assumption was that it was highly possible that I might, at some point, have osteoporosis and also probable that I’d be wearing no higher than 1.5” heels for the rest of my life.

Then, one year my sister and her husband gave me a gift certificate for Studio Be Pilates which, in addition to mat classes, has equipment. (reformer, chair, tower, barrel, etc.)  I stalled and stalled and just as the certificate (which had cost $275!!!!) was about to expire, I decided I’d better take the initial 10 session course. I had gym memberships which, after an initial bout of eager attendance, I’d gradually stopped using and then didn’t renew. HOWEVER, as I started going to Studio Be, I found that I loved it, and I began going 6 times each week and did that for more than a year. Because Pilates can be expensive (working one-on-one, or in a small group, which is necessary to make sure you’re actually using the muscles and joints properly), I cut back to 4 times a week and have been doing that for 5 years.

After the 2nd year of Pilates, using the equipment, which is weight-bearing exercise, my bone density test came back greatly improved. Then, each time I had another density test, there was more and more improvement until last year, my report came back with the handwritten note on the report from the technician, “What is this lady doing????”. My bone density was NORMAL! In addition, the pain from my arthritis subsided, and the flexibility in my joints improved to the point where I can now wear 3” heels without discomfort and can stand on my tiptoes, which I had been unable to do for years.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings when I open my eyes and know that I have to get ready to go to the studio, and, for a split second, consider just staying home, I remember how I felt and where I was headed 6 years ago; I bite the bullet and head to the studio. I still take the calcium and vitamin D, and my vitamin D levels are now excellent, but I know that the Pilates is what has made my life so much better. I’d much rather do that than take more pills.

The amazing staff at Studio Be has become my support group in so many ways, working together to help me with my issues that need improvement, and prodding me to continue to work -harder than I’d like sometimes- at Pilates tasks that make my bones, muscles, and my mind, healthier than they have been in years. The staff at this studio is constantly taking coursework and training classes that make them better and better instructors and also give them new ideas for keeping their students’ sessions fresh and new, avoiding the repetition which bored me and led me to stop using the gyms I’d tried.

B Meade

Thanks, Barbara, for your very kind words and positive feedback!

We invite all of you to visit us and experience the difference that Pilates – and Studio Be – can bring to your life.

Discover the Power Within….Just Be.
11881 GRAND COMMONS AVE, Fairfax, Virginia
703 222 0122

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