What’s Your Pain


What’s Your PAIN?

Injury? Post Op? Stress? Recovery -Cancer, Stroke? Chronic Pain? Auto Immune? Emotional Pain?

Mine is an auto – immune disease.  Ulcerative Colitis. It’s a gastrointestinal thing. It’s painful. Sometimes unbearably painful. Triggered by stress, by distress, by overwhelm. There is no cure, only treatment. Like all auto-immune diseases it’s controllable, manageable to a point by medicine, diet, and exercise but it flares up now and then. When disease flares up, there is more pain.  What does this have to do with Pilates.

I share this with you because I want you to know that Pilates & Barre are healing my pain. The work I am doing in the Studio is healing my pain. Most of the time, I was in pain. Razor blade like pain running through my colon.  At the beginning of the year I started with the Barre class and then added Pilates. I’ve noticed that while engaged in these exercises, going to the studio a few times a week eliminates my pain, sometimes immediately. When I stop excercising I hurt. When I move my body in this serene environment, I do not. As my body strengthens, I do not feel the pain and the painlessness lasts in between sessions. When I am pain free, I am happier, feeling good, less stressed (which helps keep the condition under control), able to focus on the things that are important. Focus on my family, friends, on my work, on my moments. Not distracted by pain. It’s a beautiful thing to be pain free.  It’s an awesome thing to feel so good. Pain can do a number on your mind, your demeanor, your overall well being.

I am not the only one who says this, feels this, experiences this Pilates healing power.  It’s here  in an interview with Julian Littleford of JL Body Conditioning Pilates and his story about recovering after cancer.  The power is also here in a story from Risa Sheppard  another Pilates Instructor whose life came to a screeching halt after brain surgery to remove a tumor near her brain. She was unable to walk and talk.  She got her life, her balance, her motivation, back through Pilates. Accelerating the healing process. The power to heal emotional pain is here too. When you are depressed or anxious you feel out of control, out of touch with your life, your body and your physical side. Pilates creates body awareness and increases confidence. Pilates has a meditative quality that is calming and helps reduce stress and anxiety. The mind becomes focused on the body.

So what’s your pain? What are you recovering from? Suffering with?

I invite you to join us in the Studio.

BE pain free.

Shelly Modes- Lover of Pilates & Barre.


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