I Wish I’d Taken A “Before” Picture of my A**


I had a middle aged butt. I suppose that’s to be expected. I am middle aged, 48 if I must tell the truth. A 48 year old a**.  It was kind of like a crease across the back of my legs. Nothing really remarkable. Probably on its way to “sag” or melting into my thighs.  Not the nice round full kind that’s got a little lift. It didn’t really fill out the jeans or the bikini bottoms or even the shorts. I didn’t admire it. People didn’t admire it, the way I admire a butt in a pair of jeans or bikini. Not that it mattered so much. We all have admiral parts about us. Mine is not my butt. Those of us without an actual butt admire these things on others.

I tell you this because I wish I had a picture of that butt, mine, now because it’s gone. That crease, the line across my legs is still there where it is naturally supposed to be but above it, what I am seeing is a bit of a booty. And I like it. A lot.

The key word here is “I” like it. I look in the mirror and I say….my butt looks good. I don’t have to ask anyone if I think my butt looks good in “this or that” because I (emphasis here on the I) think it does. I like it.

I told someone yesterday that I like the results so much that I want to grab my own butt! And I do. I mean it. (I am not the only one who wants to, but that is a story for a different day)

What’s your butt look like? Do you like it? Want to change it? Want to look in the mirror and say “I like it?”

“You aren’t going to get the butt you want by sitting on the one you have.”- unknown.


My butt has been working with Robin at the Barre in the Studio. At least once a week. If wanting to grab  your own a** isn’t enough motivation to get yours to a Studio BE Barre Class, Barre Blast or Barre Flex and Flow then maybe you should look at the arms….

Shoot. I didn’t take a picture of those either.

Working on a strong healthy body & mind and a grabbable a**

See you at the BARRE,


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One thought on “I Wish I’d Taken A “Before” Picture of my A**

  1. I could not agree more. Within the last couple of weeks I actually thanked Molly for giving me a butt, but really should thank her along with the other instructors I typically see collectively at least three times a week (which includes Jeri, Robin and Tatiana). Not to mention the other parts of my body that are benefiting from barre. Great results from a great workout.

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