My life at the neighborhood barre…where everybody knows your name.


by Jeri Kirschner

The first time I walked into the barre studio to teach Booty Barre at Studio BE Pilates I felt like I had come home. The cushioned floor, the mirrors, the barre! I was so excited I nearly burst out into 32 fouettes. Okay, maybe not fouettes.  But I was thrilled to be teaching a fabulous new workout that was safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels, incorporated the best moves from ballet and Pilates, and was accessible to anyone with a desire to feel (and look) like a ballerina.

That was in May 2012, and I still feel the same passion every time I teach a Booty Barre class.  I love seeing the improvements in my clients’ fitness levels. I love noticing how their bodies are getting toned…everywhere! And on a personal level, I love going shopping and hearing the saleswomen comment on how fantastic my 50-year-old butt looks in jeans.  No ‘booty-enhancing’ workout pants or Brazilian butt lift for me. It’s called Booty Barre for a reason!

It’s more than just about the exercise, though. When I mentioned the studio felt like home, it extends to the instructors and clients I have met through the years at Studio BE. It’s like a family getting together in a beautifully designed house where we work out, forget about the stress of the day and just have fun. I started at Studio BE nearly eight years ago as a Pilates client. I’ve seen fantastic friendships form among clients who had never met until their first class, find themselves sweating together and encourage each other to find that inner strength to do another eight grande battements (keeping those toes pointed!).

Studio BE is not a gym, far from it. Our class sizes are small, so we get to know everybody, what’s going on with our clients’ bodies and provide personal attention. We like it that way. We have fun too. One night during the cool down, my class decided to do what one of my client’s called our version of ‘stupid pet tricks’ where we all ended class by showing a variety of talents and had a good laugh. That’s part of what makes Studio BE a special place to work out, play a little and get a rockin’ booty at the neighborhood barre.



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