Oh Man! That Looks Like Some S & M Type Stuff


I’ve been spouting off about Pilates and Barre quite a bit. I can’t help it. The transformation of my body (& booty), my “happy” quotient, my healthy auto-immune condition is worth spouting off about. I’ve blogged, commented on FB, chatted people up, invited just about everyone to come with me to The Studio.

Then one day I got this message/challenge,

“You come to the gym with me and I will come do Pilates with you.”


See because, this message/challenge came from my friend who is at least 6’5″ and wears a size 17 shoe and is a MAN! With a BIG personality, fabulous demeanor and great sense of humor. He ROCKS it out at the gym. I mean really ROCKS. IT. OUT. Daily. He’s TRANSFORMED his body too. But he thought, maybe Pilates was too girly? Easy. Wouldn’t build muscle the way lifting does.

Me, not a fan of the gym. Intimidated. Big, lots of people, lots of equipment I have no idea how to attempt to use, so many options, bright, everyone knows what they are doing but me, all that. I am a dancer. Not a treamiller/cycler/lifter/machine figure-outer.

The studio suits me. He is definitely gym.

“Bring it,” I said.

So he did.

His first impression, “Looks like some serious dominatrix stuff” and he flashed that big smile.

It’s true, it does. There are fuzzy cuffs, and leather straps,  and maybe the equipment could look a little 50 Shade-ish. Truth is Pilates strengthens your core and your pelvic floor which leads to greater control in this area. If that’s the motivation you need to get in the studio, works for us! But there’s more to it than that.

Not only does it increase your performance in the bedroom because it helps develop the pelvic floor muscles, it will also increase your ability on the sports field and the golf course and get rid of the belly fat by developing and strengthening your core. Pilates also increases flexibility, helps prevent injury and increases your range of motion.

Originally created for men, by Joseph Pilates, women are the majority in the pilates studio’s but more and  more men are realizing the overall health benefits  and the mind body connection that develops. Even the big gym guys and top athletes have joined the Pilates movement.


What he noticed second, was that because the movement is subtle, controlled and concentrated it requires focus to perform. You must pay attention to your breathing and the instruction to maintain proper form and get the most benefit. The benefit of the breathing alone can cause a lasting effect of relaxation even into the next day. Much like the relaxing effects of yoga. And who doesn’t want to be more chill?

Carla took him through varied movement during the hour long private session including the Reformer, the Stick, the Magic Circle and the Wunda Chair for a full body workout. Jeff kept his good spirit even while doing “plie’s and frogging out his legs,” and really enjoyed the one on one attention and the relaxing atmosphere. We even worked on his knotted up neck. There are many benefits to doing pilates in the studio rather that the big gym environment including smaller classes, individualized attention, as well as highly certified instructors. The average Pilates class at a gym focuses only on your abdominal or low back muscular endurance and your flexibility — and not on full body strength.


“If this had been a date, it would have been the most embarrassing date ever.”  He said as he struggled just the littlest bit at the end of the session. Still that big smile on his face.

I laughed, “I don’t think you have anything to be embarrassed about. You’re strong, and a good sport, and that’s attractive!”

At the end he agreed it was a GREAT core work out. He said he felt good even into the next day.

Inviting YOU GUYS to give Pilates a try, especially this month. We promise you will notice a difference in your overall health and wellness. Be a little more chill.

Join us for Pilates on the Plaza Mat Class at noon, September 15th and give Pilates a try or schedule your private session or class HERE.  Kevin A. Bowen, Master Instructor and owner of “The Prime Male” will be in The Studio September 19th at 6:00pm to lead “Pilates Like Joe.” or come with a girlfriend. I’d say working out with your significant other not just good body building, it is good relationship building too.

At one point, I think during THE HUNDRED he said, “you so owe me”

Oh Man. Now its MY turn to hit the GYM!

I’ll let you know how that goes……

Shelly (the little barre and pilates studio lover)


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