Don’t Quit When You Need It The Most



My daughter has a countdown to Christmas ornament that she activated a couple weeks ago. As of today there are 43 days, blah blah hours, blah blah blah minutes and blah blah blah seconds to Christmas. Between now and then and for a good week after we will experience high stress, over indulgence, holiday hysteria, lack of sleep, lots of rushing. The first thing you will probably drop first because you are SO BUSY creating a holiday is the time you spend taking care of you. Your exercise routine.

And this is when you will need it The Most.

Over the course of my Pilates practice I have learned these things.

1. When I over-indulge in food or alcohol, my Pilates sessions and Barre classes restore me. Rejuvenate me. My mind and body heal and I feel good again.

Add a massage and I am a super woman.

2. When I am stressed out and over thinking and running around like a mad woman, Pilates brings me back to the center. I can see again what’s important, what really needs doing and I can reconnect to my sane mind.

3. When I am tired. Pilates and massage energize my mind and spirit.

Therefore doesn’t it make a lot more sense to be pro-active and take care of yourself first and then take care of the rest.

And when you get stressed out, rushed, when you over indulge, bring it back to center and take care of you.

I promise you have a better holiday for it.

Don’t quit when you need it THE MOST.

It’s a couple hours a week. In the grand scheme of things YOUR health and YOUR peace of mind are worth it.

Peace, Love & a Healthy Spirit thats all we need.

Shelly Modes

You can also visit me here for more messages about Love, peace, relationships, health and living a life you love.




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