A few words from our clients

I was four months pregnant with a 2-year-old when out of the blue I could not get out of bed, let alone walk. 

As it turns out, I had a bulging, herniated disc at the base of my spine and degeneration of my middle thoracic spine.  The position my very long baby was lying on meant I also had sciatica.  My left leg completely atrophied and for five months I could not feel my left foot.  It was a pretty frightening place to be in with the knowledge I was about to have two little boys.  Being a ‘side-line’ Mom was never what I had imagined for myself, and I was even more mortified at the 40 pounds I put on during what became a very sedentary pregnancy.

 The treatment with my Chiropractor got me out of the acute phase, but I knew rehab and exercise moving forward were really the only way for me to heal properly and prevent this from ever happening again.

 Finding StudioBePilates has been a Godsend.  The professionalism, knowledge and expertise of every single one of these instructors have left me with total confidence for my back.  I have been religiously going three times a week and now only two and a half months on, I am almost pain-free and am back into my pre-pregnancy jeans.  But most importantly, I am able to chase after my two boys, jump on the trampoline with my 3-year-old and carry my 18 pound 6 month old with the greatest of ease.   It’s a reality I never could have dreamed of eleven months ago when I was on a walking stick in a world of pain.     I won’t be stopping my weekly sessions – I attribute Pilates to getting my life back.



Over the years, I’d developed back pain that was getting excruciatingly worse.  Plus, I’ve taken some hard falls and my knees were stiff and painful, particularly on stairs or while standing for a period of time. My shoulders hurt and my hips hurt. On top of that, I had TMJ. Then, about a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with adult scoliosis. I went to an orthopedic doctor with a specialty in scoliosis and spine issues, who, in no uncertain terms, told me to take Pilates.  Now, almost a year of Pilates later, I take to the stairs with not a twinge in my knees. I will always have scoliosis but my posture has improved visibly. My shoulders are more relaxed, and the back pain only surfaces now and then. My sense of balance is much better and my stamina has increased. The pain in my hips is lessened and the TMJ has totally disappeared. (Go figure!)

Bottom line:  I’m a believer!”

~ Ann


I would like very much to submit a testimonial based on my incredible experience in Pilates before and during my twin pregnancy. I took Pilates to strengthen and tone my body and to assist in my lower back pain. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, i assumed I would not able to do Pilates anymore but I was wrong.I attended classes and had an individual instructor who worked with me weekly to build strength and flexibility I needed to maintain a healthy pregnancy. I was able to continue Pilates until 31 weeks and I was able to carry my twins to term! I was amazed that throughout my pregnancy I was able to move freely, get off the bed and chairs independently and was not placed on bed rest. I attribute my recovery also to Pilates and the weekly and bi-weekly workouts have helped me get my body back!
I have had an incredible journey so far and I want to thank StudioBe!

~ Dr. Jessica Hunter


At my recent doctor appointment, she asked if I had a tummy tuck. I told her no, it must be the Pilates. Not only that, but I also grew 1/4 inch since my last physical. Thanks for the height and the tight abs.
~ Robyn


I just returned from the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg where I took my son Aaron and three friends for his birthday. While they were playing in the indoor water park, I treated myself to a hot stone massage. The massage therapist commented that I had wonderful muscle fitness and perfect posture–especially for my age–compared to other women she has treated. I credited it all to my 2 1/2 years of Pilates and my instructors, and convinced her to take up Pilates as well. Thank you! Cathy Capes Plymack


I kept putting off taking Pilates because I thought I was too old and had too many ‘aches and pains’. My 25-year-old daughter kept encouraging me to go. Finally, I started Pilates lessons in November 2007. What a difference Pilates has made in my physical strength and stamina! Truly, I feel so much better. I have more energy and no more ‘aches and pains’! Thanks to Pilates, I have my life back!
~ B.T.


My doctor’s office called me regarding the results of my DEXA scan. My last bone scan had been done in 2003. Five years later my bone density has not decreased or even remained the same. It has increased so significantly that the doctor wanted to know what I had done to achieve such a dramatic density gain. My answer was one word: PILATES. I began Pilates in January 2004 and I have been averaging 3 sessions per week since 2005. I haven’t been taking any supplements except an occasional calcium pill. The doctors were delighted! This boomer highly recommends joining the crew at Studio Be Pilates. Go, Joe!


For Christmas 2007 my sister gave me a gift certificate for an Introduction to Pilates package at Studio Be. The certificate was good for 1 year, so I procrastinated until November of 2008 before making an appointment. That first appointment was the beginning of a process that has changed my life. At first I was at the studio 2-3 times each week, but as I began seeing the difference in my body, my energy, and my emotional well-being, I kept adding sessions so that I’m now at the studio 6 times each week. The highly trained and dedicated staff has been working together to present me with challenges designed to increase my strength, endurance, and muscle tone, adding more difficulty to the regimen as my ability and strength improve. Pilates is, for me, much more than an exercise program; at age 67 I face each new day with a joie de vivre that I haven’t felt in 20 years.
~ Barbara Meade


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