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studio be pilates fairfax

carla vercoe, owner

Carla is a PMA®Certified Pilates Teacher and the owner of Studio BE Pilates. Carla has a BA from the George Washington University and after a 25 year career in a professional industry, transitioned into a career in Pilates.  After discovering Pilates she realized that it offered a more balanced and less stressful lifestyle. She has always been active in the fitness industry and is a certified Spinning Instructor. Carla received a mat certification through PowerHouse Pilates and after years of personal practice realized that the Pilates Method was the most successful way to achieve overall health and fitness.  She realized that she wanted to share the Method with others and aspired to teach the full Pilates Method. She then undertook her teacher training of over 600 hours under Michele Larsson’s internationally renowned program, Core Dynamics in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She has been teaching Pilates since 2004 and is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance. Carla is a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, certified by the Pink Ribbon Program™.

studio be pilates fairfax

deneen buckley

Deneen received her BA in Economics from the College of William and Mary. While attending William and Mary, she completed her 13th year of competitive gymnastics. Deneen has over 10 years of experience as a fitness instructor. Deneen earned her Pilates Mat certification from the Physical Mind Institute and her comprehensive Pilates Certification through Core Dynamics Pilates. Additionally, she has earned an aerobics certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Deneen is a member in good standing of the Pilates Method Alliance. Deneen is a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, certified by the Pink Ribbon Program™.

studio be pilates fairfax

mary johlfs

Mary is a PMA®Certified Pilates Teacher, completing her comprehensive certification through Harmony Pilates/Studio BE Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program. She began practicing Pilates in 2001 as a complement to marathon training. With a regular practice, she began to enjoy the benefits that Pilates training brought to her running: increased flexibility and strength, better balance and alignment, and injury prevention. An accomplished runner, Mary has completed 25 marathons and ultra-marathons. She is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, spinning instructor, HKC Kettlebell instructor, and a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher. She is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance and IDEA. Mary is a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, certified by the Pink Ribbon Program™and a certified MELT Method Hand and Foot Instructor.

studio be pilates fairfax

lisa whelan

After 15 years in the legal industry and after 2 years of practicing Pilates, Lisa began a full-time career teaching Pilates in 2008.  She is a certified Pilates instructor, having completed the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program under Dilla Mastrangelo, MA in Pittsburgh, PA.  The curriculum includes instruction, personal practice, apprentice teaching, and self-study. Lisa is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.  She also has a BA in Marketing from VA Tech.

Lisa believes in training hard while having fun and in integrating Pilates into a balanced lifestyle.

studio be pilates fairfax

nancy bright

Nancy has been a certified Pilates instructor since 2007, upon completion of a comprehensive 450 hour teacher training program offered through Core Dynamics of Santa Fe.  She began her personal practice of Pilates in 2000.  Nancy continues to enhance her professional training with participation in workshops, seminars, and practicum.  Nancy is an enthusiastic proponent of Pilates because she believes it is the most efficient form of exercise and can be practiced by people of all ages.  A competitive swimmer in high school and college, she had a career as an executive in a local homebuilding firm before leaving, upon the arrival of twins, to devote time to her family. Nancy is also a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, certified by the Pink Ribbon Program™.

studio be pilates fairfax

sherry reed

Pilates became a part of Sherry’s life in 2006, after grueling hours of cardio and years of competitive weight lifting started to take its toll on her back.  Pilates made her pain subside–she was able to lift her legs without shooting pain in her low back and hip, and the numbness in her hands subsided.  She was able to do activities she had not done in years, giving her a new lease on life.  She was finally focused physically and mentally and knew that she wanted to be able to bring all that Pilates has to offer into other people’s lives.  She began her teacher training certification program at Studio BE Pilates October of 2007. She received her certification in January 2009.
Sherry sees Pilates as a journey.  The body is ever-changing and Pilates is always challenging.  Wellness and movement are a large part of her life, and she  proud to have the ability to share this journey with others.  Sherry is a true believer in Pilates and how it can enhance, and if need be, change your life.

studio be pilates fairfax

diane cowen

Diane has completed 250 hours of Pilates mat certification through The Professional Health and Fitness Institute and well over 450 hours of training with Core Dynamics for her comprehensive certification. She is currently studying for her certification test with the Pilates Method Alliance. She has 21 years of experience as a Physical Therapy Assistant after earning an Associate’s Degree in Physical Therapy. She has practiced dance for 19 years and was a gymnast for 7 years. Diane works full time at an out-patient orthopedic sports medicine clinic. She utilizes the practice of Pilates every day in the treatment of patients in physical therapy, as well as her teaching at Studio BE. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and IDEA. Diane is a Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, certified by the Pink Ribbon Program™.

studio be pilates fairfax

sara shiner

Sara grew up in the DC Metro area and competed in rated horse shows for fifteen years. She took a break from competive horse showing to receive a B.A. in Philosophy at Christopher Newport University in 2003.  Sara was introduced to Pilates by her sixty-seven year old father who was looking for something to increase his flexability and core strength as well as prevent bone loss.  After several training sessions, she began to get relief from her own back pain.  Sara enjoyed it so much that she decided to become an instructor.  Sara completed the intensive Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program offered by Dilla Mastrangelo, M.A. at Harmony Pilates Studio in Pittsburgh.  Sara has now realized her dream of leaving Corporate America behind to help people live pain free, realizing their physical goals.  Sara believes that Pilates is a lifestyle that enhances overall well-being and can truly change lives for the better.

studio be pilates fairfax

robin zahrt

Robin earned her BA from Shenandoah Conservatory as a voice major, dance minor. Robin has studied vocal anatomy in relation to traditional pilates and understands the core strengthening benefits of pilates in relation to the singing voice and overall health. She studied dance for 15 years, including ballet, jazz, and modern. Her dance background inspired her to become mat certified with PMA, through Shenandoah’s Dance Division, and later she became BASI certified through the Professional Bridging Course. In her spare time Robin runs long distance and practices jujitsu, a form of martial arts. Robin truly believes that Pilates is the best form of exercise you can practice. Pilates is for professional dancers to beginners, and the benefits are as much mental as they are physical.


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